About Kundenmonitor®

This consumer insight portal shows constantly updated key figures about customer orientation, based on reliable surveys. Since its establishment in 1992, the survey Kundenmonitor® Deutschland is the broadest independent end customer study and provides performance indicators for service levels in more than 100 industries. Since 2006 respectively 2008, the survey is also conducted in Switzerland and Austria (learn more about these surveys). Besides, these surveys provide numerous, annually updated market indicators and information about market and consumer trends. For the present portal, they are the key sources for the systematic development of a market information system.

Kundenmonitor Customer Focus

Kundenmonitor focuses on customer orientation and customer satisfaction. Both aspects are an essential part of a sustainable value creation process – not only in service sectors – and are often decisive regarding success or failure of an enterprise. We believe it is not sufficient for a good customer relation management to offer the best and widest customer service. A comprehensive understanding of both customer and market from an earning perspective – in the past, now and in the future – is the essential condition for creating successful long-term customer relationships.

Performance indicators

Like every relationship, a customer relationship needs to be maintained and monitored. By constantly measuring the performance indicators for customer focus, strengths can be identified and shortcomings in the customer relationship can be revealed at an early stage. A continuous system of performance indicators provides also the ideal base for monitoring the success of measures taken in the areas of product, sales, customer or quality management.

Market indicators

Those who only focus on current customers tend to get blind regarding the developments of the market. Therefore, it is essential to constantly keep an eye on the developments: only those who are aware of changing moods of the population, consumers’ openness for new products and services or changing customer needs can successfully respond to them in time. Market indicators can be of a general nature (e.g. the population development, the proportion of internet users) or related to industry specifics (e.g. the proportion of customers using web-check-in for airlines).

Market and consumer trends

It is a clear competitive advantage to identify which offers and unique selling propositions will be in demand in the future. Therefore, it is decisive to detect long-term developments and to deduct service ideas when tailoring the service portfolio to the customer of the future at an early stage and maintaining a high degree of competitiveness.