Additional Analyses

You want to go into more detail? Besides the industry reports of the surveys, we offer the possibility of further detailed analyses.

Kundenmonitor® special analyses

Do you have special customer groups or performance indicators in mind, which are not covered by the broad documentation of the results in the industry reports? In that case, you have the possibility to purchase further detailed special analyses in addition to (the purchase of) the industry report.

On request and for an additional charge, already gathered data can be individually differentiated regarding specific indicators. For example, you can choose and break down the table headers included in the industry reports for the selection of specific indicators (type of household, type of customer) or for further provider counts.

Kundenmonitor® increase

Your company is operating in individual segments or is a regional provider, but you still want to compare yourself with the competitors of the industry?

Kundenmonitor offers, as far as methodically possible, a special increase of the number of cases exclusively for your company. This does not influence the published industry value which still consists of the real market shares. However, your company receives significant results based on a higher number of cases.

Kundenmonitor® additional questions

The industry questionnaires of Kundenmonitor are reviewed every year and, if necessary, adapted to a changed market situation. A set of core questions, however intended to analyse general industry indicators, remains unchanged over time.

If you have specific types of questions regarding customer groups or special services, you can learn from topics individually added to the quesionnaire. The results of these additional topics are only available for the ordering company and not published in the general industry report.

Company-specific service barometer

You are looking for an individually tailored tracking system to monitor the service quality of your company?

Due to the Kundenmonitor surveys, but also due to numerous projects for clients, among others, from the sectors of financial services, retail, automotive, tourism and online services, we have a longstanding expertise in conducting such tracking studies.

We offer the establishment of a regular in-house service barometer and support you in the presentation of the results and the deduction of deriving measures, as well as in the communication of the results within the company and the implementation of internal change processes.

Are you interested in our offers? We look forward to your request!

We would be pleased to discuss your specific demands and to develop an individual approach with you which is optimally adapted to the needs of your company.

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