Fields of Application

Kundenmonitor provides both results at industry level and at company level. They are used in a wide range of areas:

  • Evaluating the status quo of customer satisfaction and loyalty in your company
  • Comparing your own results with those of the competitors to evaluate the competitive position of your company from the customer’s point of view (annual comparison)
  • Long-term monitoring of the industry and the development of your own results on customer satisfaction and loyalty
  • Exposure of strengths and weaknesses regarding customer orientation in your company
  • Pointing out “industry leaders” to learn from them
  • Pointing out “performance leaders” (e.g. regarding telephone service, friendliness of the employees) to learn from them
  • Justification for measures to strengthen customer relationships
  • Controlling the efficiency of launched measures to improve customer orientation
  • Basis for target agreements and Balanced Scorecard
  • Input for communication measures (e.g. for business reports, employee information)
  • Comparison with results of your company’s internal studies on customer satisfaction and loyalty