Analysed Industries

Since the survey was established in 1992, Kundenmonitor has been analysing market-relevant companies out of more than 100 industries in the fields of retail, finance, infrastructure and telecommunication, travel, automotive and transportation, internet providers, and logistics. We will gladly discuss proposals for a new or re-integration of an industry with you!

Monitored Companies

In the surveys Kundenmonitor® Deutschland, Kundenmonitor® Österreich and Kundenmonitor® Schweiz, the respondent is asked a contact question at the beginning of the industry interview. For example in the opticians’ sector, the question is: “Have you bought something at an optician’s at least once within the last 12 months?” “At which optician do you mainly buy?” All following industry-related questions refer concretely to the company which the respondent named as his mainly used company.

Therefore due to the population representative approach, the amount of customer ratings of a company in Kundenmonitor depends on the market penetration of the company and the sample size. Thus, according to their market share, the key figures of the most market-relevant companies of the respective industry are analysed.

In the chargeable industry reports, all companies which have attained at least 30 customer ratings (unweighted) are shown. If there are at least 100 customer ratings of a company, a special count can be offered within the industry report. Irrespective of this, all conducted interviews – regardless of the size of the provider – are taken into account for the industry results.

Currently Analysed Industries

Banks and Savings and LoansBanks and Savings and Loans DE  
Garden StoresGarden Stores DE  
Home Improvement and DIY StoresHome Improvement and DIY Stores DE  
Home Improvement and DIY StoresHome Improvement and DIY Stores DEHome Improvement and DIY Stores ATHome Improvement and DIY Stores CH
Household Appliance Repair ServicesHousehold Appliance Repair Services DE  
Power Supply CompaniesPower Supply Companies DE  
Public and Private Health Insurance CompaniesPublic and Private Health Insurance Companies DE  
Supermarkets and Grocery StoresSupermarkets and Grocery Stores DE