Objectives and Content

The objectives of Kundenmonitor

  • Research of the market situation in different industries based on scientifical methods
  • Pointing out top performances for benchmarking within and across industries
  • Assessment of risks and sales potentials
  • Revealing customer perception in different quality attributes for service providers to adjust their offers, processes and results quickly and flexibly
  • Providing representative data on customer orientation for managers in marketing, sales, controlling and quality management
  • Enhancement of customer satisfaction and customer loyalty in order to improve competitiveness

Object of study

The central object of the study is the customer orientation of companies in the B2C market (measured by the customer satisfaction of private consumers older than 16), the quality of customer relationships and their influence on customer loyalty.

The key aspects of the questionnaire

There is an individual questionnaire available for each analysed industry. It is adapted to the particular industry situation and annually reviewed by experts. Since 1992, the configuration of the questions is based onthe following key aspects:

User range Customer share of a particular industry or company in the field of private end consumers
Customer satisfaction Measured globally and in detail throughout different industry specific performance attributes, satisfaction drivers, value for money
Customer loyalty Length of the customer relationship, intention to rebuy or reselect, intention to cross-buy, intention to recommend
Competitive advantages Advantageousness of the used providers from the customer’s point of view
Contact Type of contact, contact frequency and contact quality
Complaints Frequency, reasons, complaint handling
Usage behaviour Frequency of use, trade channels, buying rate, purchase value

The single questions generally refer to the company mainly used by the customer. The comparability across different survey periods is assured.

Selected Questions

  • Overall satisfaction: “How satisfied are you with the service of your most used supplier in general? Are you completely satisfied, very satisfied, satisfied, less satisfied or dissatisfied?”
  • Value for money: “If you compare the price with the overall services provided: How satisfied are you with this supplier in terms of value for money?”
  • Intention to recommend: “Will you recommend this provider to friends and acquaintances?”
  • Intention to rebuy or reselect: “If required, will you request services of this provider again?”
  • Competitive advantage: “Does the questioned supplier offer any advantages over other suppliers?”
  • Intention to cross-buy: “Will you ask for further services from this provider in addition to those you have already asked for?”
  • Complaint satisfaction: “How satisfied were you with the handling of your reclamation or complaint in general?”

Scale of answers at Kundenmonitor® Deutschland

Scale Kundenmonitor Deutschland

The questions considered by Kundenmonitor are based upon a verbalised scale of 5 answers. For the questions about customer satisfaction the different levels are: “completely satisfied” (=1), “very satisfied” (=2), “satisfied” (=3), “less satisfied” (=4) and “dissatisfied” (=5).

For the consent questions (e.g. customer retention) "certainly“(=1), "probably" (=2), "maybe" (=3), "probably not" (=4), "certainly not" (=5).

For the presentation of the results, the levels of these scales will be assigned the numbers 1-5. Generally, as for example in the annual industry ranking, the calculated mean value is displayed.