The survey results can be acquired for each industry analysed in the form of an industry report. The industry report includes the detailed results of the investigated questions for the respective industry in total, as well as for each company within the industry having attained at least 100 customer ratings.

In addition to the industry report, a special count for a company of your choice is included. The data is reported across different customer segments. More detailed analyses regarding socio-demographic variables for one particular provider can be provided as well. This enables to recognise undesirable developments in your company or among competitors at an early stage and to adapt customer communication to the performance quality perceived by particular target groups. As a precondition for a special count, the respective company has to have attained at least 30 customer ratings.

An industry report of Kundenmonitor includes different forms of results:

1. Results in tabular form

Depending on the industry, each question asked is separated – for the industry as well as for the chosen company - regarding interesting issues (e.g. intention to rebuy/reselect, length of the customer relationship) and displayed in tabular form individually according to the socio-demographic data of the interviewed persons such as gender, age, persons living in the household, education, employment, household net income, region and community population. The table set includes between 300 and 1.000 pages, depending on the industry.

2. Graphical reports and result highlights

The graphical reports display selected industry results in diagrams. Besides an individual summary of the result highlights, the graphic reports include central issues such as the global satisfaction and value for money, customer loyalty, industry specific performance indicators and priority of action, competitive advantages and key figures for complaints.

3. Optional extra: data set

If required, you can purchase the survey data of the respective industry as an SPSS data set for your own analyses, in addition to the industry report. However, the survey data set can not be purchased without the industry report.

4. Optional extra: presentation of the results

You want to discuss the results with your team? We are pleased to present the results at your company and to discuss potentials and possible measures of improvement with you.

Costs and order

The costs for an industry report are related to the size of the sample and of the industry. Reports from previous years can be purchased at special conditions.

For orders and further information, do not hesitate to contact our Kundenmonitor team by phone
+49 (0)89/ 89 66 69-22 or email info@servicebarometer.de.